Friday, October 16, 2009

Inaugural post

I'm new at this, so please bear w/ me!

I've been paying attention for years, but have just been rolling my eyes and declaring "What an Idiot!" or "What a scumbag!"

Lately, the past three years or so, things have become way too serious. They took a turn for the surreal/unreal 1/20/09, though. The election was stolen, from top to bottom. Unions and the media knew what they were doin'. ACORN served the election up on a silver platter! SEIU and the rest are complicit, And theres so many stories that I think they're hiding it in plain sight! ACORN throwing out Republican voter reg. cards! All the fraud indictments.

On top of that, you've got Frank still pushing for free homes for the poor. Keep in mind, most of these lowlifes in public office were raised by the 60's generation that had the goal of tearing down America! "Burn, baby burn!" is what that slogan was all about. An excellent book on the subject is Liberal Fascism by Goldberg. An eye opener. I'll be suggesting many more. There's so much out there, some days I've been overloading on the info and just have to scream. literally scream! No more shaking my head. The time has past! I love what I see from the Three Percenters. I was feeling mighty lonely in MA and was honestly afraid. I know I'll answer the bell to protect my kids future, but I'm feeling much better knowing the Threepers and Oath Keepers are out there.

I also did the attached, well, poem! I don't know if it qualifies as such or if it qualifies me as half a sissy! I enjoyed writing it though and I hope you enjoy reading it. Spread it if you like it.


Where-a-bouts has America gone?
It seems unrecognizable to me.
Where-by it has lost it's way and been led astray
by forces not even as great as she.
Where-to our enemies point as a sign they have won the day,
they fool themselves by saying it's a certain victory.
Where-as these people celebrate the news of our demise,
to count us out just now will prove to be unwise.
Where-on the sleeping giant will once again awaken
and re-claim it's exceptionalism which some have forsaken.
Where-ever the path may lead us only one thing can be sure,
the price to be paid this time will be greater than before.
Where-upon we will once again stand against tyranny,
it's clear the time has come to refresh the tree of liberty!
Where-fore we have sworn an Oath to defend that which we hold dear,
the future of our country is reflected in good deeds everywhere.
Where-in the courage of the strong few has been seen again,
all Americans can be inspired and find the fortitude with-in.
Now is the time for all good Americans to stand tall.
The question is, then, "Do you have the where-with-al?"

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