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Islam is my major concern

Has anybody been cruising the 'net to see what's happend to Europe?
Has anybody been there to see what's happening to Europe?
Scary as hell!
Two great sources are
Set either of them as your homepage for a month and you'll be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt, though after a week, you'll be losin' sleep!
Specifcallly, I'm referring to

But there's so much more. It's everywhere. Please, follow those two sites.

Europe is done for. I'm convinced my kids are gonna' be re-paying Laffayette again. Wait, they actually already owe us one back now, right?
I seriously think things are gonna' break open long before my kids are old enough to participate, but, actually, there will be no home front this time. It's happening here! "Stealth Jihad" by Robert Spencer is a good place to start, as is "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades", also by Spencer. I've been following him for some time and the man knows his stuff forwards and backwards. Personally, I don't often take anyone's word for anything, so I read the koran myself. Chilling! It's not something any reasonable person can dismiss as being taken out of context or ignorantly say "live and let live". Even worse are those clueless usefull idiots with the "COEXIST" bumper stickers. Clearly they havn't read the koran, otherwise they'd know islam CAN"T co-exist with any other religion or political ideology. It's literally in their playbook to dominate the world, and by the sword is just fine with them! They must "...reign supreme..." and either kill, convert or completely subjugate to acheive supremacy.
"An alarmist." you may say. "Surely not all moslems are as hot to trot, right?"
Well, familiarize yourself with the concept of "Taqiyaa"
From Wikipedia:

An eminent Shia authority, Ayatollah Sistani describes the concept of Taqiyya as follows: "1)Taqiyah is done for safety reasons. For example, a person fears that he might be killed or harmed, if he does not observe Taqiyah. In this case, it is obligatory to observe Taqiyah.
2) Reconciliatory Taqiyah. This type of Taqiyah is done when a person intends to reconcile with the other side or when he intends to soften their hearts. This kind of Taqiyah is permissible but not obligatory.
3) Sometimes, Taqiyah may cause a more important obligation to be lost or missed, if so it is forbidden. For example, when I know that silence would cause oppression and infidelity to spread and will make people go astray, in such a situation it is not permissible to be silent and to dissimulate.
4) Sometimes, Taqiyah may lead to the death of an innocent person. If so, it is not permissible. It is therefore haram (forbidden) to kill a human being to save your own life.[5]"

The Taqiyah doctrine is based on the following verse from Qur'an 3:28: "Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers. If any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah; except by way of precaution, that ye may guard yourselves from them". Sunni commentator Ibn Kathir explained that "believers that fear for their safety from the unbelievers... are allowed to show friendship to the unbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly".

According to the Shia scholar Muhammad Husain Jafari Sahiwal, Shi'ism would not have spread if it wasn't for taqqiyah. (Referring to instances where Shiites have been ruthlessly persecuted by the Sunni political elite, during the Umayyad and Abbasid empires.[6].

[edit] Use in politics
Muslims and Islamists are sometimes accused of practicing Taqiyya in contemporary political debates. For instance, this accusation has been levelled by Fouad Ajami at the theologian Tariq Ramadan,[7] by James Woolsey at Islamist terrorists,[8] and by Michael Rubin and others at the government of Iran.[9][10] Others have responded that the accusers misunderstand the meaning of the term and that politicians of all religions lie, including (presumably) Muslim politicians.[7][11][12]

[edit] Current usage
The concept of Taqiyya is now in widespread use throughout the Western world. Some Muslim scholars, and prominent Imams are bold enough to admit that the face of Europe is changing, however this is not the case throughout the Muslim community in Europe. As the Muslim population throughout Europe continues to grow rapidly, more and more Europeans are realizing the threat of Islam and are beginning to ask questions; this is when some Muslims are using the concept of Taqiyya to defend the goals of Islam.
Emphasis mine.
The four examples by sistani listed above are, I believe, themselves an example of taqiyaa as described in the bolded/ italicized entry. I base this on the koranic passage above, 3:28. That tells me ya' can't trust 'em!

This isn't meant to be a scholarly piece. I'm just hoping that anybody coming across this will at least be curious to find out more about it. Like I was with Global Warming. Who wouldn't be concerned with sea levels rising hudreds of feet, especially livin' sea side! So I looked into and ... well, that's for another time.
Thanks for stoppin' by.

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