Monday, October 19, 2009

Is obama good for America?

This is disgusting. Click the link above.
Epscially the part about the Secret Service. Why do we have a racist pres.? How on Earth did we get here? When those morons bill maher and michael moore voice their opinion that Americans are stupid, part of me has to agree with them! And I hate the idea of agreeing with them!
And how can any President of the US have someone other than the USSS as part of the security detail? The moron writing makes the observation that "They (NOI guards) share a bond with him that is not possible with the USSS."
Yeah, it's called islam! The USSS is part of the Bush regime!? They've been doing their thing, and very well (a fact of which they're rightfully proud) long before Bush.
We are so fucked! This is gonna' get messy, real messy!
The economy is getting worse by the day (please don't pay attention to the crap put out in the press, any of it. Look deeper. There's plenty of info to go on.
These are just the tip of the iceberg.
Cap and trade will grind the economy to a halt, as will health care. On top of that, Dems want to impose a VAT! They must be trying to purposely ruin us! (that was sarcasm, actually!)
Yeah, hunker down, stockpile, and make lots of like-minded friends!

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  1. And the House passed ObamaCare. It's over, Johnny. IT'S OVER!!!